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Places are a kind of Asset that represents a single "world" in a game universe and contain a DataModel (the Luau global game). Places must be attached to a parent universe to function.

Getting place information

To get place information, use the endpoint. It supports multiple place IDs by passing the parameter multiple times: ?placeIds=1818&placeIds=1819

It returns data that looks like this:
    "placeId": 1818,
    "name": "Classic: Crossroads",
    "description": "The classic ROBLOX level is back!",
    "url": "",
    "builder": "Roblox",
    "builderId": 1,
    "isPlayable": true,
    "reasonProhibited": "None",
    "universeId": 13058,
    "universeRootPlaceId": 1818,
    "price": 0,
    "imageToken": "T_1818_b1a2"
It returns a list of objects for each place ID you passed. This is what the data does:
Field Name Type Explanation
placeId int The place ID.
name str The place's name.
description str The place's description.
url str A URL that will bring the user to this place's webpage.
builder str The name of the game's creator. Might be a user name or a group name.
builderId int The ID of the game's creator. Might be a user ID or a group ID.
isPlayable bool Whether the game is playable by the authenticated user.
reasonProhibited str If isPlayable is false, explains why the game isn't playable.
universeId int The universe ID this place is inside of.
universeRootPlaceId int The parent universe's root place.
price int The game's price in Robux.
imageToken str A redeemable token that can be used to generate game thumbnails. Deprecated

Do note that, as places are a type of Asset, all information on the Assets page is completely valid here. If the data above isn't enough - for example, if you need to actually know if the place owner is a group or a user, just treat the place ID as an asset ID and use any of the asset details endpoints.

Here's an example of a function that gets place information, using the request function seen at X-CSRF-Token#Request_function - you'll need that code somewhere in your file before this code!

place_ids = [1818]
places_response = rbx_request("GET", "", params={
    "placeIds": place_ids
places_data = places_response.json()
for place_data in places_data:
    print("ID:", place_data["placeId"])
    print("Name:", place_data["name"])
    print("URL:", place_data["url"])
    print("Builder Name:", place_data["builder"])
    print("Builder ID:", place_data["builderId"])
    print("Playable:", place_data["isPlayable"] and "Yes" or "No")
    if not place_data["isPlayable"]:
        print("Reason:", place_data["reasonProhibited"])
    print("Universe ID:", place_data["universeId"])
    print("Universe Root Place ID:", place_data["universeRootPlaceId"])
    print("Price:", place_data["price"] or "Free")
    print("Image Token:", place_data["imageToken"])