List of Roblox API wrapper libraries

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The Roblox API is powerful, but it's also quite a pain to use without something else helping you. A lot of people who send requests to the Roblox web API end up writing their own crappy wrapper library anyways, so it might be a good idea to use one of the many Roblox API wrapper libraries.

If none of these libraries are your thing, continue to the next page to learn how to send the requests on your own. If not, choose one of the libraries below to continue.

List of Roblox API wrapper libraries
Name Links Language OOP Async Maintained Description Docs Repository Python 3 Yes Yes Yes is a powerful Python 3 wrapper for the Roblox Web API.
bloxy Docs Repository Node.js Yes Yes Yes a Node.JS module that lets you interact with the Roblox Web API
noblox.js Docs Repository Node.js No Yes Yes A leading open-source Roblox API wrapper written in JavaScript (with TypeScript compatibility); forked from roblox-js.
rublox Docs


Ruby Yes No Yes rublox is a Roblox web API wrapper written in Ruby. It aims to provide an object oriented interface to get and modify data from Roblox's web API.
robloxapi Repository Python 3 Yes Yes No robloxapi is the predecessor to Do not use in future work.
robloxlib Docs Repository Python 2 No No No a python 2.0 library
cblox Repository C++ Yes No No a Roblox API wrapper for C++
RobloxApi Repository C# Yes Yes No a C# library for accessing Roblox Web APIs.
Roblox4j Repository Java Yes No No a Java library for retrieving Roblox website data
javablox Repository Java Yes No No
KotlinRoblox Repository Kotlin Yes No No a wrapper for the JVM, JavaScript, and native
rbx.lua Repository Lua No No No
tsblox Docs Repository TypeScript Yes Yes No an TypeScript object-oriented library to interact with the roblox api
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